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Words and portraits of notable people, who have exemplified bravery through specific acts of courage.

By Michael Collopy

Photography / Inspiration

ISBN: 978-0-578-64848-4

UPC: 575009780578648484

Page count: 251

Retail: $75

Michael Collopy

“My questions and journey exploring the theme of courage set me on a path that led me to the individuals included in this book: they are pioneers, icons, artists, explorers, activists and laureates. This volume is to salute the brave, often unsung person or persons who live among us in our communities. Each one is unique. And none is comparable to the other.”

This is the third book release by world-renowned photographer Michael Collopy. All proceeds from the sale of Courage go directly to the Architects of Peace Foundation.

I commend Michael for his empathy and photographic skills. He has consistently shown sensitivity in his work, and it appears that the muse rests lightly on his shoulder for his work captures the essence of his subjects.

Dr. Maya Angelou

Michael has the art of putting people at their ease, banishing the tensions so often caused during photo shoots. And because of this, his photography captures his subject’s inner self.

Dr. Jane Goodall

I admire the work of Michael Collopy and his Architects of Peace Foundation. He shows the faces of good in the best possible light. His work enhances the lives of those it touches, and carries an important message to many.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“What does courage mean today? In a world where we could all use more courage and compassion, Michael Collopy’s latest book hit the shelves at just the right time. Each person featured in this extraordinary work of art tells a story of exemplary courage. Michael’s breathtaking portraits capture the essence and light of each visionary leader. Prepare to be inspired, engaged and re-energized as you embark on your own courageous journey.”

-Antonia Ehlers
Vice President, San Francisco Press Club

“Michael Collopy’s stunning achievement in his third book aptly titled ‘Courage’ is a timely and timeless meditation and reflection on a question that all humankind should contemplate — how do we as individuals and as a collective define courage. In paired quotes and portraits of notable persons spanning a vast spectrum of human experiences, Collopy builds a foundation and provides a launchpad for our individual and collective consciousness to deeply consider acts of bravery and courage that transcend time.”

– Karen and Tom Mulvaney

“Stunning collection of beautiful portraits of Nobel peace winners, world leaders as well as other courageous people who seek to bring goodness to the world. It is a very timely mix of powerful portraits and inspiring quotes.”

-Estela Zaldivar

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